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Defending Livelihoods: How FarmRanger’s Livestock Security Collars Tackle South Africa’s Growing Livestock Theft Crisis

Livestock theft is a growing problem in South Africa, affecting farmers across all regions and types of livestock. According to the National Livestock Theft Prevention Forum and TLU SA, SAPS reported 25,000 cases of livestock theft in 2021/2022, with over 47,000 animals reported stolen on a per-unit basis. 

However, this is believed to be just the tip of the iceberg, as experts estimate that only around 20% of stock theft incidents are reported.

The economic loss due to stock theft for 2021/2022 alone amounted to between R1.2 and R3 billion. This represents a significant loss for farmers who rely on their livestock for their livelihoods. The theft of livestock also has wider social and economic consequences, including animal welfare concerns, disruptions to the food supply chain, and increased tensions between farmers and surrounding communities.

However, innovative solutions like FarmRanger’s Livestock Security Collars can help farmers protect their livestock and reduce losses due to theft. One farmer who has successfully implemented this technology is Joanne Webber, who farms with Merino sheep, cattle, and Angora goats on a farm just outside of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.

Joanne has been using FarmRanger GPS collars since her father started using them in 2004 and has achieved similar success in protecting her livestock using this technology. One incident that highlights the effectiveness of the system occurred when one of Joanne’s camps was the subject of a theft attempt. TheGPS collar alarm went off, and upon inspection of the camp, some rope and plastic cable ties were found under a tree. The following day, Joanne and her team went out to count the sheep and found all of them there, except for one with a rope around its leg. The thieves had caught it, but the alarm system had disrupted their plan.

The FarmRanger GPS collars work by monitoring the movements of the livestock and sending alerts to farmers when unusual activity is detected. This allows farmers to take immediate action and respond quickly to theft attempts. The collars can also detect predator attacks, such as those by jackals or leopards, allowingfarmers to protect their livestock from these threats as well.

The theft of livestock is driven by the high demand for meat and other livestock products, as well as the easy access to markets where stolen animals can be sold. Investing in FarmRanger’s Livestock Security Collars can provide farmers with peace of mind and reduce the risk of significant losses due to livestock theft.

Livestock theft is a significant problem in South Africa that requires urgent attention. Innovative solutions like FarmRanger’s Livestock Security Collars can help farmers protect their livestock and reduce losses due to theft.

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