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Empowering Women in Agriculture: FarmRanger Collar Safeguards Zimbini Nokwe’s Livelihood

In rural South Africa, agriculture has long been the backbone of the community. Zimbini Nokwe, a determined and resourceful female farmer, had dedicated herself to nurturing her flock of 34 sheep. However, her peaceful routine was disrupted when stock thieves targeted her farm, threatening not only her livelihood but also the economic stability of the village.

The Incident: A Nighttime Intrusion

Late one evening in June, stock thieves breached the farm’s defences. Around 11:45 PM, they infiltrated the fence and accessed the kraal. Zimbini’s proactive measures were evident, and remarkably, she was able to safeguard her entire flock using just one FarmRanger collar due to its advanced herd behaviour monitoring capabilities. These state-of-the-art GPS-enabled collars were about to demonstrate their value in an unforeseen crisis.

FarmRanger: A Technological Partner

The FarmRanger livestock security collar, a revolutionary solution against livestock theft, harnesses GPS technology to provide real-time alerts. As the stock thieves entered the farm, the collar detected their movements and promptly sent signals to Zimbini’s phone. Simultaneously, her husband, who was away for work, received an alert on his phone due to the integrated alarm system.

Collaborative Response

In a swift and coordinated manner, Zimbini and her husband initiated a response plan. They traced the thieves’ path using the collars’ GPS data. Despite the challenging circumstances, they managed to stay connected through the collar signals, which pinpointed the thieves’ stopping point.

Triumph Over Challenges

The following morning, they followed the trail outlined by the collar. Guided by the signals, they located a makeshift kraal set up by the stock thieves, roughly 30 kilometres away. With the support of local law enforcement, they successfully recovered all 34 sheep. The collar not only ensured the safety of their animals but also facilitated the capture of the thieves, sending a clear message that deterred potential wrongdoers.

Preserving Livelihoods, Enhancing Security

The economic impact of livestock theft is substantial, particularly for small-scale farmers. For Zimbini, each sheep held a value of around R2000, amounting to potential losses of R68,000. Thanks to the FarmRanger collar, the swift recovery of her stolen animals alleviated her significant financial burden. This incident underscores the pivotal role of technology in safeguarding livelihoods and fortifying local economies.

Empowering Women in Agriculture

Zimbini’s journey resonates deeply with the challenges faced by women in South African agriculture. In an arena traditionally dominated by men, her determination to protect her flock exemplifies her resilience. Zimbini’s story has spurred discussions within the community about the practicality of FarmRanger collars and has been shared at the Sernick Women in Agri-business Summit attended by the Minister of Agriculture, Minister Thoko Didiza. Word of her successful recovery operation has piqued the interest of fellow female farmers, inspiring them to consider the adoption of these collars. Zimbini’s experience goes beyond livestock protection—it symbolizes the empowering of women in agriculture.

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