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joanne webber

The first step to preventing stock theft and predators  

Joanne Webber farms with Merino sheep, cattle and Angora goats on a farm just outside of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.  

Joanne’s father started using FarmRanger GPS collars in 2004, and has been using it with great success ever since. Since Joanne succeeded her father, she has achieved similar results with the GPS technology provided by FarmRanger.

One of their camps was the subject of a theft attempt. The GPS collar alarm went off, and when they inspected the state of the camp, some rope and plastic cable ties were found under a tree in the camp. 

“When we went out the following day to count the sheep, they were all there but there was one with a rope around its leg. The thieves had caught it, but we obviously disturbed them. We haven’t had any stock theft attempts since”. – Joanne Webber

Learn more about how Joanne uses FarmRanger to protect her livestock. 

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