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Livestock security collars – Insurance against stock theft

The Van Niekerk family is known for their registered Sizana Beefmaster studs. Ignus Van Niekerk has been using FarmRanger since 2017 to protect his cattle from stock theft and to reduce the risk of large financial losses.

“I view FarmRanger as additional insurance that I take out against stock theft. The financial damage a producer can suffer if only one animal – especially a stud animal – is stolen, is very large. FarmRanger’s livestock security collars reduce the risk of losses.” – Ignus Van Niekerk

Van Niekerk explains that FarmRanger collars are not just a solution for stock theft but also help to prevent other problems. “Hunters cut the wires between camps to hunt wildlife illegally. I noticed on my mobile phone that a herd of cattle had gone to the adjoining camp. I could prevent the different herds from getting mixed up,” he says.


Read more about how Ignus uses FarmRanger to protect his cattle here.

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