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Secure your farm with Geofences

Geofence breach checks are made periodically at night or during the day. Should animals cross the borders that you set up, you will get an alarm which can be tracked in real-time, just like other alarms. Get a quote now. For a step-by-step guide watch the tutorial. Need a quote? No need to phone […]

Empowering Women in Agriculture: FarmRanger Collar Safeguards Zimbini Nokwe’s Livelihood

The Incident: A Nighttime Intrusion Late one evening in June, stock thieves breached the farm’s defences. Around 11:45 PM, they infiltrated the fence and accessed the kraal. Zimbini’s proactive measures were evident, and remarkably, she was able to safeguard her entire flock using just one FarmRanger collar due to its advanced herd behaviour monitoring capabilities. […]