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The best investment you’ll ever make

Cobus van Coller, Nampo Harvest Day chairperson and 2019 Sheep Farmer of the Year, is one of FarmRanger’s most loyal clients.

“The saying ‘measure to know’ is a popular concept in farm management. FarmRanger’s livestock security collars give me complete control over my stock camps, but even more so, they give me peace of mind.

I run an integrated livestock and crop operation on his farm, Libanon, near Viljoenskroon.

For 10 years, FarmRanger has warned me every time there has been a problem with my sheep. Using it allows me to be alert and proactive. With just one collar needed for every 450 sheep, FarmRanger enables me to check on the status of stock camps at any time using a smartphone app.

The app will show the last recorded location as recorded Google Maps, including a full record of the collar’s movements, and initiates live tracking during an alarm.

During an attempted robbery or predator attack, an alarm instantly alerts me when something is wrong and enables me to follow the animals’ movements in real-time.

Should stock thieves or predators try to corner the flock, I can instantly see where the animals are. The tracking feature is also invaluable as a daily farm management tool, as I can tell whether the sheep are grazing in the correct area on the farm or have been moved to a different camp.

Beyond protecting my livestock, FarmRanger also reduces financial risk. The potential damage of livestock theft is huge. The cost of just one stolen ram is an immediate loss of almost R15 000.

By reducing the risk of stock losses from theft and predation, the FarmRanger devices have paid for themselves many times over.

FarmRanger is a necessary resource that every livestock farmer in South Africa ought to have.” Says Cobus.


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