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Getting the most out of your app features

We often interact with customers, that might not know how to get the best performance out of the FarmRanger app.

In this step-by-step guide, you can learn all about setting up your app and more, with the most frequently asked questions we’ve received most often.

Understanding the User Interface:

When interacting with the app it is important to understand what each app icon means. This way, when viewing your active cards, daily reports and recent history you will understand how best to use the information to your advantage.

The basic app screen is shown on the following page. Please note the following:

  • The “home screen” is called the units view – it shows each of your collars as a card.
  • The number, colour and name of each collar appears at the top of each card.
  • The battery icon shows the collar’s battery level (and charge state, if charging)
  • The signal icon shows the collar’s last observed mobile phone network signal strength
  • The status icon shows the collar’s current status and last observed time
  • The alerts icon shows any unread alerts (this icon is cleared by tapping on the collar to view the alerts).


Familiarising yourself with key app features:

Tapping on a collar card allows the user to see the map, event history and settings screens.

Tap on map to see the unit’s last known location

NOTE: A red pin is a current location

NOTE: A grey pin is a location older than 15 minutes.

Tap on history to see a history of all notifications from the collar

  • Tap on a history item to see its location on the map
  • Daily Report will indicated where the unit was at that time
  • High Activity Alarm will indicate the position of the unit at that time
  • Tracking Update and Tracking Expired indicate where the unit moved during a high activity alarm
  • Not Active Alarm will indicate the position of the unit when it is not on the animal
  • Tamper Alarm will indicate the position of the unit when it is opened or casing is damaged
  • Low Battery will indicate the position of the unit at that time and is given two weeks before charging is needed.


What happens during an alarm?

When the collar detects abnormal behaviour it will activate a High Activity Alarm and your phone will receive a missed call, as well as an app notification.

The card relative to the collar making the alarm will jump to the top of your Units View screen, it will be indicated with an Alarm Icon and a Red Border Line. When you tap on the card you will be able to access the Live Tracking Feature available during the alarm.

The following happens during a high activity alarm:

  • Up to 5 calls (depending on the length of time of abnormal movement) will be made to both primary and secondary alarm phones – do not answer (treat these as “missed calls”).
  • You will receive up to 5 “high activity alarm” app notifications.
  • You may open the app at any time, and note the card if the alarming collar will have a red border.
  • Tap on the card of the alarming collar to view the position on the map (the position must be indicated by a red pin – A grey pin means it is an old position and a grey pin with ? means the app is waiting for the new GPS position)
  • The alarming unit will continue sending GPS updates for 10 minutes – these will appear as a red “track” on the map.
  • After 10 minutes of the last high activity call or app notification, the alarm will be cancelled.
  • If you wish to instruct the collar to continue tracking for longer than 10 minutes, you may tap the “Extend Tracking” button on the map screen – this will restart the tracking window. You may do this as many times as necessary, but you cannot extend tracking once the tracking has stopped.


NOTE: If you wish to view an alarm track at any later stage (e.g. next day), you can go to the event history screen, find the last tracking expired update for the specific high activity alarm, and tap on it.

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