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Prevented death during predator attack

“I am convinced that livestock farmers can benefit by using FarmRanger neckbands. I recommend producers to invest in it, especially if they have high-risk camps that border main roads and townships, ”says Attie Albertyn.

He is the fourth generation to farm on the historic farm Nachtwacht outside Bredasdorp since 1895. He farms with sheep, beef cattle and sowing crops such as wheat, barley, oats and canola.

“We are located against the town area and often experience problems with stock theft, but especially with stray dogs. If a sheep’s behaviour is abnormal, as in the case of an attack by such dogs, FarmRanger sends an alarm in real time to my cell phone. I can then see exactly in which herd the disruption is and where the animal is to prevent it from being injured or bitten to death. ”


Albertyn was FarmRanger’s very first customer and has been using the product for over 15 years. During the period, he acquired 20 sheep bands. “Because I have used the product for many years, I can testify that it has been continuously improved. The new GPS model, for example, is a significant improvement on the first version. “


“The collar of the first model wore out over time and had to be replaced. The new version is made of a virtually indestructible nylon strap that fits comfortably around the neck of the animal, ”he explains.


Albertyn says that the batteries of the latest version last much longer and only need to be recharged every 12 weeks. Another improvement is that the new system does any updates automatically. “It sends information about each neckband’s battery status and the strength of signals daily to my cell phone.”


For Albertyn, the smartphone application (app) is easy to use. “With Google Earth maps I can see exactly where each herd is at any time of the day or night. I use it 24/7 and find it especially useful if an alarm goes off during the night. ” Because it can be dangerous to investigate alone at night, Albertyn sends a photo and the GPS coordinates to a local security firm that assists him during such incidents.


“I will never be able to farm successfully without FarmRanger neckbands,” says Albertyn. “It is an essential tool for any livestock farmer in South Africa to combat livestock theft and attacks by predators and stray dogs.”


According to Albertyn, FarmRanger is an affordable system that gives him total control over his herds. “The possible financial losses due to only one stock theft incident makes the purchase of FarmRanger neckbands obvious. “A farmer can lose more money if 4 -6 sheep are stolen, and if a ram is stolen, the loss is even greater,” he says.

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