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FarmRanger a non-negotiable requirement – Mattie Azar

Before FarmRanger livestock security collars “About seven years ago, a neighbor warned me that someone was loading my cattle onto a truck. By the time I arrived at Winburg from Bloemfontein, the cattle thieves had left with 110 cattle.” “Fortunately, my neighbor was able to give a good description of the truck and it was […]

Secure your farm with Geofences

Geofence breach checks are made periodically at night or during the day. Should animals cross the borders that you set up, you will get an alarm which can be tracked in real-time, just like other alarms. Get a quote now. For a step-by-step guide watch the tutorial. Need a quote? No need to phone […]

Empowering Women in Agriculture: FarmRanger Collar Safeguards Zimbini Nokwe’s Livelihood

The Incident: A Nighttime Intrusion Late one evening in June, stock thieves breached the farm’s defences. Around 11:45 PM, they infiltrated the fence and accessed the kraal. Zimbini’s proactive measures were evident, and remarkably, she was able to safeguard her entire flock using just one FarmRanger collar due to its advanced herd behaviour monitoring capabilities. […]

Six tips to keep livestock safe from theft

1. Implement a good security system: Protect your property with a security system that includes cameras, infrared systems, alarms or motion sensors to help you monitor your property closely and alert you to any suspicious activity. This can help deter potential thieves, as well as provide evidence in case of theft.  2.  Use identification methods: […]

Manage, track and protect livestock from theft

“Consider the financial losses you could potentially suffer with a single incident of stock theft – not to mention the breeding value of lost calves. I would rather pay the equivalent cost of one calf to cover FarmRanger’s expenses than possibly lose an entire herd,”  – Mientjie Rajchrt Learn more about how Mientjie Rajchrt ensures […]

Livestock security collars – Insurance against stock theft

Van Niekerk explains that FarmRanger collars are not just a solution for stock theft but also help to prevent other problems. “Hunters cut the wires between camps to hunt wildlife illegally. I noticed on my mobile phone that a herd of cattle had gone to the adjoining camp. I could prevent the different herds from […]

The first step to preventing stock theft and predators

One of their camps was the subject of a theft attempt. The GPS collar alarm went off, and when they inspected the state of the camp, some rope and plastic cable ties were found under a tree in the camp.  “When we went out the following day to count the sheep, they were all there […]

Prevented death during predator attack

“We are located against the town area and often experience problems with stock theft, but especially with stray dogs. If a sheep’s behaviour is abnormal, as in the case of an attack by such dogs, FarmRanger sends an alarm in real time to my cell phone. I can then see exactly in which herd the […]

Recovered 45 stolen sheep during theft incident

Farming close to the Lesotho border, he confirms that all farmers in the area endure high levels of stock theft on a daily basis which is why he decided to purchase a FarmRanger collar in July last year. Mjoli describes how FarmRanger came to his rescue on Thursday, 23 April 2020. “The alarm on my […]